About Me

April 2023. The previous month I suffered certain adversities that still affect me. I struggle with insomnia and anxiety; as a result, I cut back on social activities. Now I'm finding, that's not a good approach. When you lose connection with fellow humans, you risk serious personal setbacks like loneliness and despair. My adult children and their families have been a great help, but I need to get in touch with friends and church congregants. I've resumed writing columns for the online Cheyenne Post, please see the page that follows. 

I direct a virtual discussion group where we talk about books we have read and how reading these books has affected our lives. In May 2022, I added an "I Read Banned Books" segment. Would you like to join in? If so, please email by clicking here.

I was born in Germany and have lived in this country for most of my adult life. California is where I married, began my American working life, and raised my children. As I grew familiar with my surroundings, so did my desire to write (and make music, as I did in my youth).

In Wyoming I have written opinion columns on culture and society for the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and the Casper Star-Tribune. Currently I write for the online Cheyenne Post. I also write creatively and publish in literary magazines. 

The Wyoming winters are harsh and so, I spend time in Texas (with my firstborn and his family (who used to reside in Wyoming) and in California, where my youngest and his family still live. (See photos in News Log and Picture Gallery.) My middle son and spouse live in the frozen north (South Dakota), so they don't get winter visits. Their two adult sons live on their own.

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